Your 2019-2020 Board Members

Board President: Julie Dodge
Honorary President: Samantha Laidlaw
Honorary VP: Amy Beaulieu
Parliamentarian: Irene Kane
Operational VP: Lindsy Branson
Operational Treasurer: Diana Williams
Secretary: Mo Knowlton

Social Chair: Shelbie Rimbach
Membership Chair: Stephanie Roorda
Publicity Chair: Donnaven Moser

Publicity Co-Chair: Leigh Ann Miller
Newsletter: Ginette Collins

Charitable VP: Aimee Bright
Charitable Treasurer: Stefanie Reeves

Volunteer Coordinator: Veronica Wildey
Scholarships: Julieanne Dietz

Scholarships Co-Chair: Sarah Tilley
Thrift Shop Book Keeper: Regan Zick


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PO BOX 40029

Tyndall AFB, FL 32403





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Tyndall Spouses Club is a private organization.  It is not part of the Department of Defense
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