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--- Executive Board ---

President: Danielle Sweeney

Advisor: Domenica Watkins

Advisor: Shannon Nordhaus

Thrift Shop Advisor: Shannan Bergholdt

Operational VP: VACANT

Operational Treasurer: Chrysta Dickens

Charitable VP: VACANT

Charitable Treasurer: Andrea Pearson

Secretary: Andrea Pearson

Parliamentarian: Aimee Bright

--- Board Members ---

Social Chair: Andrea Rapp

Social Co-Chairs: Colleen Goldfein & Liz Smith

Special Activities: Kassandra Ortega

Membership: Stacey Gingrich 

Membership Co-Chair: Joy Elizondo

Publicity: Maritza Arroyo MacLean

Publicity Co-Chair: VACANT

Charitable Chair: Vianah Seamon

Charitable Co-Chair: Chrysta Dickens

Volunteer Coordinator: Vianah Seamon

Scholarships: Ashley Smith

Scholarships Co-Chair: Daynali Flores-Rodriguez

Thrift Shop Chair: VACANT

TS Manager & Co-Chair: Mayra Kent

TS Book Keeper: Amy Miller


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PO BOX 40029

Tyndall AFB, FL 32403

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